Freebirds - Proud Squadron Of Aces High II

Freebird Leaderboard & Stats - "Tour 162 Results"
Overall Leaders:
FBCrabby - 12Fighter - 27
Bomber - 1
Attack - 21
Vehicle - 36
FBJoeV - 190Fighter - 760
Bomber - 172
Attack - 809
Vehicle - 35
FBZodiac - 329Fighter - 1113
Bomber - 178
Attack - 885
Vehicle - 413
FBSunDvl - 375Fighter - 1352
Bomber - 50
Attack - 626
Vehicle - 735
Home Of The FreeBirds
Welcome To FB Headquarters
We are a "virtual" unit, that flies in the World War Two simulation game Aces High II. Our members are composed of skilled internet pilots who fly a variety of aircraft such as heavy bombers, agile fighters, and armored vehicles. We are part of Aces High II, which is a World War II simulation game. We honor the brave men and women who took part in that tremendous struggle.
Our Mission
Our mission is to have fun; that being said, there is certain criteria you must meet to join us. We fly primarily in the "Late War Arenas" and Participate in special events such as FSO. Our Squad nights are Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights. Our main objectives are base captures.
Recruitment - (Visit Recruitment Page)
When other players see you in uniform, wearing the prominent "FB", those players know you are a member of one of the premier squadrons playing the game today.

If you are interested in joining our Squad, go to the recruitment page and message us your interest, or find us in game, our VOX is 125.